Redesigning an Iceboat

Master project for redesigning a foldable and affordable iceboat 


For the master project Advanced Embodiment Design in 2016, I teamed up with Joost Vette, Tim van den Ing, Lara Straus, Niels Poiesz and Ryan Zhou. The project was commissioned by the company Betonkever. The video, as part of the assignment shows the results of the project:

The project was divided in four stages: research, redesign, prototyping and validation.


The project started with reviewing an old DIY design of a foldable iceboat. However after discussing with several experts, and setting up some requirements, the prototype did not have potential to create a viable product. Therefor, it was decided to redesign the iceboat.


As on of the requirements, the ice boat should be easy to build and made by easy available materials. Metal tubing was chosen as main structural components. After several redesigns, Lara made a concept drawing which was used for further design. This concept was elaborated into a full CAD model.


A big part of the project was taken by the prototyping phase. Since I had the most experience with prototype and product making, I was the prototype manager. The hole built took four weeks. In this time a lot of parts were hand made like, the wooden runnerboards, the connectors of the tubes and all the custom bend tubes. The water cutting of the blades and sewing of seat was outsourced since this was out of our competences.


The whole ice boat was put on wheels since the project ended in June. During testing we found that the seat was flexing too much, resulting in a too low hanging seat. Also the whole assembly took longer than we hoped. After creating a list of recommendations the project was handed back to the client. The client tested the iceboat in the winter in Sweden together with some ice boat experts. The boat performed pretty well for its size, weight and costs. The experts were especially interested in the steering mechanism designed by Tim van den Ing; a system which allows the driver a more precise steering on high speed.